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The World's Most Accessible Private Cloud



At Breqwatr, we deliver white-glove managed private cloud services with the convenience and promise of public cloud, from the safety and control of your datacenter or colocation facility. We take a holistic approach to supporting our customers in industries that include financial services, retail, healthcare and public sector. Our customers benefit from knowing we are responsible for the underlying infrastructure supporting their business-critical applications.
Our Local Cloud-as-a-Service (LCaaS) eliminates the complexity of building and managing a private cloud, and supports infrastructure-as-code via a cloud APIs. Our private cloud platform automates time-consuming operational tasks and empowers IT teams to accelerate application development with self-service and on-demand provisioning of all resources (compute, storage, networking).
Breqwatr was established in 2014 in Toronto and has been a cloud-native infrastructure company ever since. All Breqwatr development is performed 100% within Canada, with all developers residing in Toronto and Ottawa. With production clouds of less than 100-Cores to well over 1,000-Cores, Breqwatr provides private clouds for all use cases.

Self-service allows developers and internal users to quickly access their resources to increase the cadence of delivering new services & features.


Helps meet data residency, regulatory compliance and audit requirements, with the known security profile of an on-premises deployment.


Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC)  with OpenStack IaaS for legacy virtualization and Kubernetes for cloud native apps.


Designed to enable modular expansion, linear scalability, and the tools to create portable, run-anywhere applications.

Cloud Economics

Flexible monthly subscription with single rate transparency for either turn-key or hybrid turn-key, with no egress fees.

How it works

Local Cloud-as-a-Service

LCaaS delivers on the capabilities and promise of the public cloud with the low latency, data residency, traditional security profile, and the cost savings of on-premise infrastructure. IDC categorizes dedicated cloud service offerings that the service provider owns and manages, with the infrastructure on customer premises, as an LCaaS offering.


Breqwatr’s LCaaS enable customers to experience the as-a-service capabilities that public cloud platforms provide—anywhere. Since Breqwatr fully manages their LCaaS offering, the end user has no operational overhead. Subscribing to Breqwatr LCaaS provides deployment, management, and support of your own dedicated cloud, hosted in your private datacenter or a dedicated colocation facility.


Breqwatr provides a complete cloud, consisting of hardware, software, cloud operating system and management as a simple month-to-month service. Breqwatr brings in their own servers, storage and network equipment, sets it up, and manages it at a competitive price point, allowing you to focus on you managing your business critical applications and not infrastructure.

Hybrid Turn-Key

Same as Turn-Key, except you provide the hardware.

Provide your own server, storage and network hardware. Breqwatr will install their cloud operating system and manage the entire solution at a competitive price. Breqwatr’s software is flexible and can support most modern hardware.

How it works

Why Breqwatr


Increase Agility

Reduce Costs


Reduce Risks

Rapidly deploy servers
Rapidly deploy apps
Easily add resources
Remove legacy silos
Cloud economic model
Lower OpEx Spending
Maximise ROI
Improve efficiency
Increase response time
Increase uptime
Automate everything
On-premise cloud
Accessible environment
Dedicated hardware
Behind corporate firewall
Why Breqwatr
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